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How do marine architects design and build the great ships? What does it take to become a naval architect?
Ship's Architecture

A Chronology of Wooden Boats and Marine Art

From early man, to the middle ages, till present time; this article describes the evolution of boats and ships throughout humanity's existence.

The Future of Fleets - Technological Advances

Achieving the Sea Power 21 Vision and Environmental Stewardship for Tomorrow
Read about the Navy's attempts to enable the Fleet of the future to meet the global operational objectives of Sea Strike, Sea Shield, and Sea Basing with minimal impact on the environment.

Surface-Piercing Propellers
In the case of surface-piercing propellers, there's really no new technology involved at all. Simply the re-arrangement of all the traditional elements of a propulsion system into a different configuration.

Testing Continues on the Next Generation Propulsion System

Read about what's being developed in the Navy's Advanced Propulsion and Power Generation Test Site Section to propel the ships of the future.

Upgrade Technology on Unmanned Vehicle Expands Capability

See more about this autonomous mobile periscope system, or AMPS, which is an unmanned underwater vehicle developed by Carderock Division engineers.


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