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By: John Rudolph
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This is my mother's mother, my grandmother, Anna Sophia (Turja) Lundi. She was just eighteen years old when she embarked for America on the Titanic. I have assembled here several versions of her story.

Grandma was a simple girl from Finland. She spent most of her life in Ashtabula, Ohio, which had a large Finnish community, so she never learned to speak English very well. Most of these interviews were made through an interpreter, usually one of my uncles. I hope you find them interesting.

By the way, if you look for her in the passenger list of your favorite book or web site, she will be listed under 3rd Class, Non-British Passengers Embarking at Southampton. Her last name, Turja, is sometimes misspelled as "Turgo." Apparently they weren't that concerned with accuracy when it came to the third class.

The Floating City
This is an article my uncle, the youngest son - Martin Lundi, wrote of his mother's experience for a church magazine in 1978.

My own version of Grandma's story
I put this together from interviewing my mother and my uncle. I do not tell the whole story of Titanic, which is readily available; I only tell Grandma's experience.

Newspaper and other articles:
I have not edited out errors in these articles. They are presented just as they were published. It is interesting to compare the melodramatic flavor of the 1912 articles to the later versions.

Cleveland Plain Dealer: April 19, 1912
Ashtabula Star Beacon: April 1912
Uusi Suometar: 02 June 1912
Red Cross report: June 6, 1912
Ashtabula Star Beacon: April 14, 1950 (Picture)
Ashtabula Star Beacon: April 1962 (Picture)
Ashtabula Star Beacon: April 1972 (Picture)
Tempe Daily News: April 1973 (Picture)
Ashtabula Star Beacon: April 1976 (Picture)

If you have any other information sources about Anna Turja, or if you would like to comment, please contact me at: jrudolph@webcom.com

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